Centennial Colorado Holiday Inn Hotel

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To get the preferred rate for CCU visitors, contact the hotel to request Colorado Christian University discounted rates or make a reservation directly at 303 - 922 - 2511. To see the dates for your rate and availability, select from the list of Centennial Holiday Inn hotels in Colorado Springs, Denver or Denver International Airport accommodation and select "dates" to see the dates and rates for availability. For a discount code of 49375, please call the hotels directly at (303) 716-5737 or ask for the Colorado - Christian - University discount. B.V. is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is internationally supported by -.com, a B & V based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you are planning a group trip to Centennial and require a large number of hotel rooms, HotelPlanner staff will be happy to assist you with your booking. To get the preferred rate for CCU visitors, call 800-325-3535, ask for SET 520118 or call the hotel and make a reservation directly at 303-922-2511. For the special CCU discount, you can book online or request the Colorado - Christian - University fare and then call or make a reservation by booking your preferred CC U Visitor Council.

The concierge will be happy to recommend areas and places to explore during your stay in the city. Below are 3 graphs showing the number of available hotel rooms at the Centennial Holiday Inn Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. These line charts will help you decide whether you should make a reservation with Centennials for your upcoming trip. In Centennial CO, we have published 3 charts showing the percentage of hotels available for reservations in a given metropolitan area and the average price of a hotel room.

The average price for a hotel room at the Centennial Holiday Inn Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO: $1,000 - $2,500 per night.

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The Sheraton Hotel offers a variety of amenities, from food and drinks Monday to Wednesday night, to shopping and entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. Facilities include a full-service bar, restaurant, fitness centre and outdoor swimming pool. The hotel offers 24-hour concierge service and a bar, restaurant and bar in the lobby. Facilities include an indoor pool with pool table, an outdoor terrace and an outdoor dining area. Amenities include access to a private pool, indoor pool and tennis courts.

The Sleep Inn Denver Tech Center offers a variety of amenities, from food and beverages Monday through Wednesday through Friday and Saturday, as well as a bar, restaurant and lobby bar.

Located 10 minutes from downtown Denver, this hotel offers a variety of suites, from studios to two-room suites, with a fully equipped kitchen and a full-service bar. Extended stays at this hotel provide a home away from home - as do amenities that allow guests to balance their work and sleep needs with the comforts of their own home. Each room is designed for longer stays and features an open living room with a fully equipped kitchen. It is located in the same building as the Sleep Inn Denver Tech Center, just a short walk from downtown.

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More About Centennial